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“King Elephant” rice brand, meticulously selected rice from trusted quality sources, processed with modern machinery. Strictly control in every step of production, free from contamination, clean, safe, certified by international standard for production, such as: GMP, HACCP, HALAL, Thai Hom Mali Rice 100% Standard. Every packs is clean, safe and reliable






Vitamin Enriched Jasmine Rice 4 kgs.

only 199.- THB


Only at Tops Market! 


Japanese Rice 2 kgs. only 109.- THB


Only at Tops Market! 

Speacial Price 

Vitamin Enriched Jasmine Rice 4 kg

From  249.- to 209.- THB

(Feb 17th - Mar 16th, 2021)

 *** Only at Testco Lotus *** 


King Elephant,Thai Jasmine Rice

Vitamin Enriched Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice, Standard Grade

Japanese Rice,King Elephant

Thai Red Jasmine

Thai Brown Jasmine

Mixed Thai Jasmine

Black Thai Jasmine Rice

Thai Rice Berry

Red Ruby Rice

Kaow Wong Sticky Rice

Naluang Thai White Rice

Home Ruang Oon Jasmine Rice

AEC Sheep brand Jasmine Rice

AEC Goat brand Jasmine Rice

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