Thai Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice)

King Elephant,Thai Jasmine Rice

Specially selected from cultivation plots which suitable for jasmine rice. Processed through advanced production method. Packed in vacuum bags maintain freshness and cleanliness.   Full grain rice, rich aroma, sticky and soft. 

Packed: 5 Kg.

No Need to Rinse

Vitamin Enriched Jasmine Rice

Premium grade Thai Jasmine rice, vitamins and minerals added, substitute vitamins and minerals lost in the production process. When cooked the grains become “light yellowish”, appetizing, suitable for rice porridge or steam rice. Good for all ages, especially, patient in recovery stage. Rich in minerals and Vitamins such as B1 B3 B6 Iron and Carbohydrates.

Packed: 1.5, 4 Kg.


Thai Jasmine Rice, Standard Grade

Valued price, rich aroma, sticky and soft.

Packed: 5 Kg.


Sasanishiki Japanese Rice,King Elephant (Green, Red Pack)

Japanese Sasa-nishiki Rice 100% Grade A. Selection a genius seed from Japan. Cultivation in Northern part of Thailand. Grain characteristic; short, fat and soft.  Quality control from cultivating, harvesting, polishing and packing. High quality and freshness, Suitable for sushi or steamed rice.

Packed: 2.27 Kg. (Red Pack)

Packed: 1, 5 Kg. (Green Pack)

Grade AAA

Healty Rice

Contain Vitamin B1 B2 and B complex; prevent Beriberi disease, canker sore. Nourishing the brain and nervous system function, relieve fatigue. PABA (Para-aminobenzoic Acid) makes hair black, dietary fiber prevent constipation, Iron prevents anemia.

Thai Red Jasmine

Packed: 2 Kg

Thai Brown Jasmine

Packed: 2 Kg

Mixed Thai Jasmine

Packed: 2 Kg

Black Thai Jasmine Rice

Packed: 2 Kg

Golden Sheep Brand

Thai Rice Berry

Highly anti-oxidant, substances stimulate the body to create collagen. Reduce wrinkles and inflammation on the skin, anti-ageing. Reduce the risk of various diseases; cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Reduce high blood pressure and dementia.

Packed: 1 Kg.

Brown Milk Stage Japanese Rice

Selecting specific period and area of cultivation, harvesting during highest milk stage. Chemicals free, easy to digest, vitamin E higher than conventional brown rice. Low carbohydrate High fiber, low starch. Good for the digestive system, Chlorophyll from nature

Packed: 1 Kg.


Red Ruby Rice

Special Red Jasmine Rice. Grown on the high hills, red ruby color, sticky, fragrant and  high nutrient. Product from the natural plantation of the community. Chemical free, iron is higher than brown rice. High vitamin B and fiber, good for digestive system.

Packed: 1 Kg.


Kaow Wong Sticky Rice

Special Sticky Rice, grown on the high hills, featured with specific fragrance, sticky and soft, chemical free. Product from the natural plantation of the community.  

Packed: 1Kg.


King Elephant, Thai White Rice

Naluang Thai White Rice

Packed: 5 Kg.

Miexed Thai Jasmine Rice

Home Ruang Oon Jasmine Rice

Packed: 10 Kg.

AEC Sheep brand Jasmine Rice

 Packed: 10 Kg.

AEC Goat brand Jasmine Rice

Packed: 10 Kg.

Prizes of pride

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